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November 15, 2011

Nicole-Marie ~ Tragic Romantic

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Style: alt rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: Tacoma, Washington

Members: Nicole-Marie ~ vocals/acoustic guitar/keyboards
Chris Pyle ~ electric guitar
Bob Fox ~ bass
Mike Loera ~ drums

"What A Letdown", "Bury Me", "Love Me Still", "Why Can't I Be The One?", "Grave Love", "Dead End", "Miss The Most" & throw in the pot for good measure the two remaining songs opener "Angels Speak To You" & "Back My Way" & it should be obvious that N-M has composed an album of a tragic romantic or at least recalling tragic romance. N-M's third release is a alt rock little piece moving from singer-songwriter styles, highlight "Angels Speak To You" could be out of the repertoire of Jewel, while other songs (i.e. "What A Letdown", "Love Me Still", "Why Can't I Be The One?", "Miss The Most") are poppy little alt rock sing-alongs that are more Liz Phair & Michelle Branch. Tragic Romantic is more than just a collection of songs with a shared theme but N-M in her PR she calls herself the tragic romantic in question, based on a personality type of psychology's Enneagram classification system. N-M is a modest singer, or maybe she just keeps it modest on this release, with a slight country style slur but because of that the mood stays personal & intimate ... & tragically romantic. Though, note, tragic romantic isn't necessarily about love. "Miss The Most" draws from N-M's day job as a clinical social worker having to say goodbye to patients while "What A Letdown" is about relationships that haven't reached their full potential in light of the myth of romantic love. So, don't expect boy/girl he left me/where is he songs. Do expect some enjoyable little songs laced with woe.

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