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November 11, 2011

DVD: Joe Cocker ~ Respect Yourself: Live

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Style: classic rock, pop rock, British
Label: Eagle Vision
Year: 2002
Home: Great Britain

Concert location: Limelight Club, Cologne, Germany
Year Recorded: 2002
Length: 60 minutes
Bonus Features: 20 minute interview with Joe Cocker

Members: Joe Cocker ~ vocals
Gene Black ~ guitar
Nick Milo ~ keyboards
Oneida James ~ bass
Jack Bruno ~ drums
Deric Dyer ~ sax/keyboards
Maxine Green, Amy Keys ~ b. vocals

Promoting his 2002 album Respect Yourself JC released an hour of a show in Germany from the promotional tour. Everyone can probably remember the first time they saw & heard JC with his funny air guitar playing mannerisms while churning out radio friendly ballads such as "Leave Your Hat On", "You Are So Beautiful" & "With A Little Help From My Friends". JC has stuck to the same musical & performing formula for decades, calling himself a soul singer & finding a comfortable soul-tinged rock template that's brought well-deserved accolades. At 56, in 2002, he's not looking to brave new musical territory or even throw out too many surprises. As might be expected JC saunters out to the mic all in black & sings his heart out till his face turns red & his fingers are numb ... & before you know it you'll be singing along with him. JC is the last of an era. His songs draw from a style of R&B inspired music that should be oft imitated but for some reason has slipped through the cracks. It's music for young lovers as much as middle aged soccer moms, hippies or classical fans. Any day now, if it hasn't happened already, a DJ is going to rediscover JC for the next generation. The set features only songs from the new album including "You Can't Have My Heart", co-written by C.J. Vanston who was the real keyboardist for Spinal Tap, INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart" & Randy Newman's "Every Time It Rains", ending with the only non-album track in the obligatory JC theme "Unchain Your Heart". Many of the band have been with him for many years & churn out some great music that defies being tagged as white boys blues, R&B or rock. If you only know JC from his commercially slick love ballads you might be surprised by how funky this band is ... particularly check out "Love Not War". As for the unexpected INXS song ... the band stays pretty close to the original, even with the heavy synthesizer, & I wouldn't be suprised if many people went home from the show saying that JC had a new classic on his hands as it fits perfectly in his repertoire. If there's any problem with the concert its that one wants a longer show & more classic familiar songs ... which you know were probably performed. As for bonus features there is only a 20 minute interview with JC discussing his Mad Dog Cafe in Colorado, fans, his band, touring & his 2000 release No Ordinary Life though none of the tracks from that album are featured in the concert. What's great about JC is he should be a singer who inspires hoardes because his voice is more normal than unique. More men than not sing with a similiar rasp, think Rod Stewart or Tom Waits or Springsteen, but JC turns it into something than just a rasp but something quite sexy & hip. & his gig is seemingly ageless.

Track listing: You Can't Have My Heart
Love Not War
Never Tear Us Apart
Midnight Without You
Respect Yourself
Everytime It Rains
This Is Your Life
Unchain My Heart

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