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November 10, 2011

Dr. Moe ~ My Soul

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Style: religious, Ontario, experimental
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: Ontario, Canada

Members: Dr. Moe ~ guitar/bass/keyboards/vocals

The numerous self-releases of Canadian guitarist-singer-songwriter Dr. Moe, aka Dr. Maurice Turmel, Ph.D., all share the theme of spiritual awakening. These are the musical wanderings of a retired psychiatrist who believes the world is in a spiritual & social crisis & about to be swept into either Heaven or Hell. Dr. Moe is a follower of the LightWorkers, or Starseeds or WayShowers movement that is preparing for Ascention in 2012. He's not the only one & we can only wait & see if 2012 is the spiritually uplifting year everyone says its going to be if there's not a cultural revolution first. Dr. Moe's music is music of healing through twinkling guitar playing, soft singing & ethereal electronic additions. If you've heard his other music My Soul isn't that much different. & don't be afraid of the specifics of his beliefs because, like his other releases, his lyrics are holistic rather than specific. My Soul opens with one of Dr. Moe's most upbeat & catchy songs "On My Way To Heaven" with an early 80's synth/bass background &, as I've described in a previous review, 50's style guitar playing for a little light space pop. This is followed by another highlight with "God Sings The Blues" with a 60's R&B foundation. However unfunky you may think LightWorkers may sound this is a great little piece that you could see being given a makeover by Bernie Worrell. The 80's electronica influence tends to set the template for much of the album ("My Soul", "Purple Haze Turning Blue", "A Little Place Called The Blues", "Coming Home"), but there's also a bit more funk ("Wrecking Ball", "I Am The Soul Man"), some basic blues ("You're The Oldest Dream"), a little calypso ("Come Down to The River", "Little Miracles") & reggae stylings ("Mother Earth"), giving My Soul an overall retro feel to what might be Dr. Moe's best albums, definetly his most diverse.

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