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November 17, 2011

Blueberry High Heels ~ Headlights & Champaigne

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Style: garage, retro, glam, pop
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: New York City

Members: Didi Delicious ~ vocals/rhythm guitar
Damian Panitz ~ guitars/bass
Goddess Diana ~ drums
Kenny K Hurricane ~ bass/b. vocals

A promo of Headlights & Champaigne ended up at the record store I work at & I liked it immediately & knew I had to share. NYC's female fronted, a selling point for some readers, BHH has a sound that brings together retro-garage rock, a bit of D Generation guitar-driven glam, pop & even some classic NYC punk attitude for some driving & more often than not bouncy ear-catching melodies. But, at the same time, that is a description that does little justice to the quirky pop-punk personality of BHH. Due to the personal lyrics & obviously the lip twisting female singer there is a bit of a move & to tie BHH with the Grrrl Riot movement ... as this certainly isn't limp coffee house music. But, this also isn't angry bitch-slapping music though the lyrics are heavily personal with a slant of surviving coming through under Patti Smith esque-mysterious prose ... as Didi Delicious & cries out on "Otherside": "Please don't tell me how to live, please don't tell me when to die, the house that Jack built spells it out, whose that crying in the crowd, see you on the other side". If my description has ignited some interest BHH is one of those little bands that are just worth checking out & leaving the descriptions alone.


  1. Thats a nice review of the band. Unfortunately I (Damian Panitz) am no longer with the lineup due to creative differences. I am the guitarist and the person who recorded and engineered our EP that is currently on Reverbnation.com. On the recordings I played both rhythm and lead guitars and many of the fill in bass parts. The only song on the Reverbnation site I have nothing to do with is titled "Dices."

    BBHH is a great band and Di Di has an unmatched drive to drive that band forward like a war horse that knows not the word stop.

  2. Thanks for the update & good luck on your new projects!