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June 16, 2011

DVD: Lou Reed ~ A Night With Lou Reed

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Style: hard rock
Label: Panorama
Year: 2000
Home: New York, New York

Concert location: The Bottom Line, New York, New York
Year Recorded: 1983
Length: 60 minutes
Bonus Features: none

Members: Lou Reed ~ vocals/guitar
Robert Quine ~ guitar
Fernando Saunders ~ bass
Fred Maher ~ drums

He's off drugs & maybe alcohol, too. He's got a new band with an amazing guitarist pulled over from underground punk legends Richard Hell & the Voidoids, an amazing bass player who would stay with him in the years to come & a drummer who had just the right sound with not too many flourishes. He just stands there in jeans & is anything but visually exciting or sexy as he was years earlier. He's also taken off the make-up. He's playing guitar after years away with his modest guitar skills fully in the spotlight showing what they truly are. He's got a set of songs including Velvet Underground classics & stuff from his steller new album The Blue Mask which is a new & very personal mask for him to wear ... & Andy Warhol is in the audience. Are these ingredients for a classic rock show or a bomb? In this case it's probably one of Lou Reed's best live productions, not eclipsed until his revival of Berlin 2 decades later. This live concert begins a new story for Reed, one where he is reinventing & essentially rediscovering himself. On stage he's intimate & almost self-depreciating without being too interactive with the audience. He's more mature here, now sober, & sliding into his role as elder statesman of the punk generation which has already come & gone. He's still not fully comfortable with his guitar playing after a decade away & has yet to push his solos upfront as would soon be the case, thus what he plays may be technically unchallenging but it's raw, niave & an experiment in just pure sound in a way only Reed can & would not do so again. Plus, he's got the amazing Robert Quine on guitar who was not just a diehard fan of the Velvet Underground & Reed but comes from the school of Jeff Beck guitar where the guitar sounds anything like a guitar. I became a fan of Quine's style after this as I'd never heard solos so ... cold & haunting ... and I've never heard anyone else even get close since. Sadly, The Blue Mask would also be his best outing with Reed of three albums before he'd contribute a box set of early Velvet Underground recordings & then commit suicide after the death of his wife ... remaining a true legend to all who know his playing. I should also confess that this video made me a bigger Lou Reed fan, too. One of the best parts comes at the end in a brief backstage clip when Reed talks about having one his his guitar notes reach all the way to the back wall of the space & then angularly bounce back. You completely believe that he heard this & want to go back and find it for yourself. Highly recommended as an introduction to Reed.

Track listing: Sweet Jane
I'm Waiting For The Man
Martial Law
Don't Talk To Me About Work
Waves Of Fear
Wild Side
Turn Out The Lights
New Age
Kill Your Sons
Satellite Of Love
White Light/White Heat

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