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June 14, 2011

Odd Zero ~ Admire The Liar (EP)

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Style: punk, hard rock, heavy metal
Label: Odd Zero Records
Year: 2008
Home: New York City

Members: Mike Friedman ~ vocals
Tay Malloy ~ bass
Milton Hernandez ~ drums
Mike Fujii ~ guitars

The second release by Odd Zero, their only EP, is the album Duff McKagen wanted to make when he did Loaded. It's raw in your face punk-inspired rock ... the opposite of the million dollar commerically slick uninspired music McKagen created with his punk roots long forgotten. The high energy & headbanging friendly music of Odd Zero reflects the dive bar surroundings of a band that did more than its share of local clubs before temporarily taking a break in 2011 where straight ahead attitude rules over highly technical playing. A lot of bands pour out raw punk power chords but Odd Zero has always tried to pull out more with a melody behind the punk that keeps the energy but leaves the sloppiness of punk behind. It's deceptive as it makes the music seem simplier than it really is as guitarist Mike Fujii is quite a competant guitarist brought up on 80's power metal, as his solos belay (for example, the title track). This is a recommended release for those that like a mix of genres. There's even a bit of ska thrown in the title track for a bridge that falls between 80's power metal solos & punk rhythms & the mix works wonderfully. This particular release features a set of memorable songs that became fan favorites ... which all of the 6 tracks ... okay, to be fair, 4 out of 6 but that's close enough to round up. It may only be 6 songs but it's an album worth looking up & while you're at it check out their other albums Another Dread To Zero from 2010 & their 2006 self-titled debut.

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