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June 16, 2011

Indofin ~ 2X Broken

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Style: ska, reggae, punk
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: Austin, Texas

Members: T.J. Huerta ~ guitar/vocals
Albert Huang ~ bass
Donald Mann ~ drums

Laidback power pop & a dominating reggae/ska beat awashes Indofin's second self-release. But, don't read this thinking No Doubt. If you need a comparison go more for Keith Richards reggae with the X-Pensive Winos but not so rough & more ska than reggae for those that know the difference. For those that don't ... it's the backbeat strum of the guitar without the rasta attitude. "Nonprofit" is a standout with its heavy drum/backbeat ska rhythm reminiscent of Matisyahu while the similiar sounding "Princess" would be great for a tribute album about the beach as it sounds like music to wait for a big wave with. These tracks stand out because they play up the rhythmic ska aspect, something the album suffers from. It never goes far enough ska nor hard enough rock, though there are a few rockin' guitar solos sprinkled throughout, while retaining a pretty laid back pace that doesn't push in either direction. I'd recommend letting the songs last longer than 3 minutes as currently the album stands as a lot of short little tunes that blend & lack personality instead of accentuating each other. A few more developed tunes would help the flow of the album a lot & provide some much needed diversity. More time means more groove & a crescendo here & there wouldn't hurt either. "Whatever", another standout track, comes close to this.

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