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May 6, 2013

The Senseless ~ The Floating World

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Style: black metal, extreme metal, deathgrind
Label: self-released
Year: 2013
Home: n/a

Members: Sam Bean ~ guitar/vocals

Leon Macey ~ drums

Guest: Matt Wilcock ~ lead guitar

I'm actually blown away by the speed. So fast on some songs I'm reminded only of Sadistik Execution of Australia. Is this computer enhanced, as this can't be humanly possible? This is fast guitar lines & fast drumming, not just one or the other, only taking a break for an occasional vocal shout that's the slowest thing here. Personally, it's so fast it's almost headache inducing with my ears literally aching at times ... even on low volume. It's taking the definition of brutality & not holding back. But, while speed is the focus the riffs are actually pretty interesting, helped along by the fact that the distortion is kept at a minimal level to let every note be heard instead of lost, while the vocals mostly avoid the growling undecipherable approach. So, think more Pantera than Mayhem. I'll confess that I'm not fluent in deathgrind & extreme metal so my ears might be hearing something unique here where there isn't for those familiar with the genre ... so those of you should excuse my excitement. But, what I'm sure is unique is that while it's brutally heavy it's not as dark as one might imagine. There's a delicateness here in the lyrics. There's something here other than death, destruction & mayhem & even musically there's some softer moments (i.e. "White Flag"). The only song I didn't particularly care for was "Death To Metal" that has a boring four chord punk chorus with boring growled vocals for the verse, or maybe it's the verse & chorus, it's hard to tell in this uninteresting mash-up, but one bad song out of a dozen songs isn't bad. The Senseless is the solo work of former Berzerker member Sam Bean & Mithras drummer & producer Leon Macey. The Senseless debut came in 2007 with In The Realm Of The Senseless & immediately showed this was not one's typical metal band, but was aiming for extreme speed & also lyrics that would come to be called 'happy metal'. This follow-up was started in 2008 but the duo didn't feel the music was perfected enough to release until now. Ex-Berzerker guitarist Matt Wilcock guests on a track.

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