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May 3, 2013

Haverford ~ Wisdom Lost (EP)

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Style: alt rock, shoe gazing
Label: self-released
Year: 2012
Home: Long Island, New York

Members: Anthony Stano, Billy Mannino, Connor Ramert, Kevin Burke, Mark Masterson ~ n/a

Moody hypnotic lines, lazy mists of laid back grooves, reserved singing & short & sweet songs that never go on too long after stating their thesis ... though they also unanimously fail to lead to a climax or feel developed with a couple songs lasting under two minutes. Maybe it's the fact there's no guitar solos just harmony lines, but Haverford obviously have their eye on grooves versus showy solos & I'd recommend they let these grooves develop. Let the hypnotic quality be developed. You don't have to have solos to fill up the space but by cutting things short there ends up feeling like there's space here waiting to be filled up. Haverford formed in 2012 & come from the same mold as Death Cab For Cutie & Dowsing, though I can hear subtle shades of Built To Spill if they'd be more adventuresome. Wisdom Lost is their first EP & their currently working on songs for their first full length.

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