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February 3, 2013

Strung Along ~ Demo (EP)

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Style: punk rock, black metal
Label: self-released
Year: 2012
Home: Maine

Members: Trevor Crispo ~ vocals/guitar
Darryl Collins ~ bass
Dan Wickett ~ guitar
Dan Emery ~ drums

A torrentious brutal punk thunder storm. Cover your head with a newspaper ... but its not going to work very well. But, it also doesn't last long, or what I mean is, one song is over two minutes, another less than that & the other two are under two minutes. SA's demo EP is fast, in your face, highly distorted, lots of shouting, & to some ears might be cacophonic. But, on closer listen while the drums might be pounding into oblivion (for example, "Remnants") the guitars are not going on thrashy top gear. Lots of distortion fills the air & largely carries the songs ... I'd say carries melody but this is not a band strong on melody. The result is straight ahead death metal a la a punk, most prominent in the speed & rough texture & the vocals, but the riffs are far heavier than just straight punk (for example, "Strung Along") while a step above the typical slash & burn strumming style of so much traditional death metal. Sadly, the songs are short that by the time you really hear the components the song is over. Though, I'd recommend going more the sludgy way of "Collapse" that doesn't grind so fast, versus the under minute long "Put Me To Sleep" that feels like its just in for the attack, fire the gun but don't reload as you retreat. & it's not a sharp shooter but just a spraying of reckless fire. Nah, spray than give us a moment, like in the end of "Collapse" or beginning of "Remnants" with the droning notes, to laugh about a job well done as the enemy falls. They've since released a follow-up with 2 Songs in early 2013 & its title says a lot about what you can expect. More of the punkish same but with less options. Personally, I'd rather hear longer songs, more development & a full length.

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