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December 3, 2012

Steve Cradock ~ The Kundalini Target

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Style: folk-rock
Label: Absolute
Year: 2009
Home: British

Members: Steve Cradock ~ all instruments

Additional: Paul Weller ~ b. vocals/12 string guitar
Sally Cradock, Hannah Andrews ~ backing vocals

Dreamy pop, those who know me will contest, I rarely find interesting. I like my rock hard, my folk traditional, my pop Phil Collins. Maybe I'm too mainstream for everyone's tastes, but I do listen to things before writing them off & I listen to a lot of things. I had no idea who SC was when I picked up this album. I only grabbed it as being a Hindu I was interested in its title. Of course, there's nothing Hindu here except throwing out some happy lyrics & calling that spiritual. But, I will confess that SC does something really interesting that deserves mention & after numerous listens I find it hard to hear anything else. Hopefully he'll take it as a compliment. He has just about re-created George Harrison & the dreamy acoustic pop of the Beatles. The Beatles never even sounded this Beatles after their break-up. From the guitars to the vocals to the arrangements. This is not a musician's album, but a songwriter's album that is very much out of time ... unless you consider Phil Keaggy in time or someone akin. For those like me not familiar with SC, he was involved in the 90's mod revival often alongside Paul Weller as his guitarist & with his band Ocean Colour Scene. This is his debut album, recorded at Weller's studio over six days. It's written that this solo album is much like SC has done before with Ocean Colour Scene, but having heard them I can't offer any opinion. So, if you like your music Beatles inspired, a little pop folksy, very dreaming with a soft beat that keeps it from being too hypnotic or drippy, strong & reflective song-writing, chorus vocals, then SC might be someone to check out.

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