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November 29, 2012

The 1975 ~ Sex (EP)

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Style: alternative
Label: self-released
Year: 2012
Home: Britain

Members: n/a

A loopy dreaming landscape of relaxing almost whispered chorused vocals with multiple intersecting vocal layers, bubbly looped beats, weaving keyboard & light guitar phrases. "Intro/Set 3", "Undo", "Sex", "You" are the four songs on this new fifteen minute long EP from the alt rock group The 1975, which follows their debut EP Facedown released only a couple months earlier. One word titles means simplicity, just like the name of the band & the album itself. Simplicity. Hypnotic patterns of weaving vocals & looped instruments create something soothing for a late night & sounding seemingly simple ... seemingly but incredibly complicated. The 1975 have managed to find that line of making complex songs that don't sound it as they lull you away. The title track & "You" sound a bit like The Killers in a lighter moment or at least what I imagine so much of the trippy alt rock coming out of England now sounds like. The result is not to rough or raw, but pure emotion. Redefining the definition of alt rock with its heavy touch of 80's synthpop. Weaving lines like rolling waves, never to heavy but always moving forward. Very artistsy. Basically fun. & unlike their American chug it out alt rock peers, music that can be enjoyed well beyond the teen years as it might also be teenage angst but sounds far more mature.

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