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October 9, 2012

The Haunting ~ Beyond These Doors ..

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Style: hard rock
Label: Dinky Music
Year: 2010
Home: California

Members: Raven ~ vocals/rhythm guitar
Randy Korstick ~ guitars/b. vocals
Mike Gjedde ~ bass/b. vocals
Jessie Melendrez ~ drums/b. vocals

Additional: GB ~ pan flute

I've found that those bands that are fans of Glenn Danzig go all the way with it. They bring the haunting cries & tones of Danzig right into their music with pride. I'm willing to lay down a large bet that the Haunting of California is a group of Danzig fans. I know I'm not the first reviewer to hear Glenn Danzig in frontman Raven's voice. Or, maybe its just because they sound more like a gutter crawling NYC band & nothing close to the thrash or glam we typically equate with California metal. The Haunting turn in a slow & moody metal affair that is reminiscent of Danzig but without the heavy blues influence. I hate to call it black metal but it certainly is dark, perhaps the best comparison is the darkness that is called up by W.A.S.P., a black metal band without being black metal. What is noticeably missing is any hint of pretentiousness or showing-off. Think the New York Dolls here ... yes, there's guitar solos but the songs are straight ahead almost old fashioned rock'n'roll that's uncomplicated, vocally oriented & rocks without too much flash but just lots of memorable melodies. The Haunting started off as a trio in 1999 with Beyond These Doors.. as their fourth release. It's well worth checking out for a style of metal few are playing anymore.

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