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October 11, 2012

Man Overboard ~ Sampler (hits comp)

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Style: emo, alt rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2012
Home: New Jersey

Members: Zac Eisenstein ~ lead vocals/guitar
Nik Bruzzese ~ lead vocals/bass
Wayne Wildrick ~ guitar
Justin Collier ~ guitar/drums
Joe Talarico, Mike Hrycenko ~ drums

In this age of downloads there's so many things that bands are doing to attract fans & ultimately sell sell sell & promote promote promote. I recently came across alt rockers MO's choice of releasing free music online via online only special EPs. They are far from the only band doing this, but what I found of interest is that their online selection includes the free 15 song Sampler, or more properly a greatest hits album in a thin disguise. I've seen new albums, live recordings, remix albums, EPs being offered free online, but this is the first hits compilation I've come across. This is a great idea as it allows potential or new fans to dig in without shelling out cash. Of course, the catch-22 is if they put all their hits on the Sampler will fans in turn what to pick up their non-free albums for the non-hits? Hopefully as their music is good enough so this won't be an issue. I know I want to hear more. Though, to avoid an accidental shot in the foot where someone doesn't want to pursue them further they should make a hits compilation including alternative versions, demos & rarities, as many hits collections do to get older fans who already have all the songs. If one likes the outtakes then surely they'll want to get the final songs. Sadly, Sampler clearly is a greatest hits collection & outtakes may stay away. MO have already put out two B-sides & rarities comps, so there's no drawing much on that collection of material. Sampler pulls from MO's self-titled album, Real Talk, 2 EPs & their 2 compilation albums, all available material ... online websites taking care of any out of print albums. If any of the tracks are alternative versions they aren't marked as such. Missing is a few other EPs & the couple acoustic cover EPs that have been released free online. So, its not a true career-spanning comprehensive greatest hits album, but it does include all the standout fan favorites. But, seeing their love of online releases & the little amount of time they wait between releases, I wouldn't be suprised to see a follow-up compilation filling in the gaps. As for the music itself ... read between the lines on why its taken me this long to discuss what essentially is the most important thing. MO is part of the new generation of Green Day inspired alt rock bands that prize energy over technical playing or really great singing, or anything related to the music of the generation before them. The lyrics are that bland style of current teenage angst pop one can imagine hoards of screaming girls panting over. In my day it was New Kids On The Block. I guess this is the modern equivalent. Not much depth or attraction for anyone outside the target group. If you're not interested in teenage angst & heartbreak in suburbia shouted out MO is not going to be for you. It's music made for teenagers, but one can't help but wonder where the music will be when the teenagers grow up ... including the band itself. Is there any value in it for tomorrow? Particularly, as MO isn't braving any new ground. Or, maybe I'm just too old at 35 to look for anything between the lines as it sounds too much like what I heard almost twenty years ago when I was in high school.

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