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November 1, 2011

The Vinyl Plane ~ Devil's Den (EP)

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Style: blues-rock, hard rock
Label: self-released
Year: n/a
Home: New York

Members: Dave Seubert ~ vocals/harmonica
Sean Obenauer, Keith Obenauer ~ guitar
Brendon Blaha ~ drums
Joe Giani ~ bass/keyboards

This brother-led band is extremely short on linear notes but makes up for the slim packaging with big riffs & stunning songs with memorable arrangements that recalls the prime of Steve Miller with its bluesy solos, dynamic melodies & soaring guitars. People like to complain about the current state of music ... how it's going techno (...since the 80's...), or how shallow it's become (...not that the Archies were any better...) or how it's all alt rockish where nobody can play their instruments (...Little Richard has confessed to only being able to play in one key...). For the nostalgic, what happened to the line of development stemming from 70's classic rock? Where's the real blues players & not just guitarists who play blues scales? Where's the music that follows the influence of the Black Crowes instead of Nirvana or Lynard Skynard instead of Black Sabbath? Is there a band out there that has keyboard breaks that aren't meandering lost in classically influenced prog tunnels? Well, if any of the above is on your to find list then you'll enjoy this little EP. This quintet of bluesy hard rockers will throw you 40 years back in time & would easily find fans at either a blues festival or a hard rock concert or opening for the Grateful Dead with their breezy downhome sounds.

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