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October 25, 2011

Kelly Greene ~ You Leave Me Here

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Style: hard rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2006
Home: New York

Members: Kelly Greene ~ vocals
Jeff Berner ~ guitar
Kristoff Gerard ~ guitar/drums
Marc Capaldo ~ drums

KG definetly rocks out but is not a Avril Lavigne wannabe punk nor whirling in worldbeat like McLaughlin nor twinkling in coffee houses nor making sure her guitar makes her ass look good. The chunky guitar riffs behind her, even in the slower acoustic moments (i.e. "Memory (If You Knew"), draw directly from the alt rock scene. While for her voice I can imagine KG fronting either a rugged blues band ... though she's a bit soft for the style but she's got a range that would provide a good contrast ... or going in the other direction with soft pop ... though I'm hesitant to call the direction KG has chosen to go with pop, but there are some elements there. For those familiar with KG's well received 2008 outing I Wish I Was Alive her 2006 debut You Leave Me Here, with an equally sobering title, is very much in the same style. If you like one you'll enjoy completing your collection if you haven't already. If there's any difference its that the later album has some more layered arrangements with addition of keyboards & guitars. Actually, at times the rugged guitars seem a bit too punchy & raw for KG's clean voice setting up an interesting contrast, so the later addition is a welcome growth. I wouldn't call You Leave Me Here a sparser album, just with some less texture or texture falling more to the guitars which dominate the arrangements. For those wanting a comparison to a well-known musician, I'm at a loss. The thing is that KG's voice is not one you'd normally associate with rock music. KG is weaving through ground in between most of the popular female rockers you might name. Pat Benatar & Heart's Ann Wilson are names thrown out by KG herself. Benatar might have the closest sounding voice while Heart found a middle ground with music that didn't ever go to one extreme side or another, much like KG.

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