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September 1, 2010

Proud ~ Fire Breaks The Dawn

(No official website.)
Style: heavy metal, Swedish
Label: EMI
Year: 1984
Home: Sweden (disbanded)

Members: Anders Magnell ~ vocals
Peter Horvath, Magnus Olson ~ guitars
Bobby Horvarth ~ bass
Anders Holmqvist ~ drums

This unknown gem from the past features a hard dose of powerhouse metal a la the thrash tradition, albeit, there was no thrash tradition in 1984 so it's probably more accurate to say it's probably a la Judas Priest. When I first started listening to the album I didn't jump up out of my seat to write a review. It's a bit predictable as this style goes. Then, I got to track 3 "United World." Then, I went back to track 1 to relisten until I got to track 3 again. Then, I did it again. Then, I realized that I had to write something about this band, even if a short word. I normally listen to albums straight through, both casually & for these reviews. Once in awhile, bison b.c., Graham Bonnett & Live being other once in a whiles, I get stuck at the beginning of an album not wanting to go on because the album has opened with a bang. Though this band is dated & predictable sounding the magic seeps into you. What caught my ear was the twin Judas Priest-esque distorted guitars riffing away. At first I thought I was just going to hear a bunch of buzz saws chopping logs, but actually the riffs are incredibly melodic & intricate with the two guitars often echoing each other but it's so subtle you miss it. It's like watching waves in the ocean not noticing the crabs scurrying around until you step in. This is a band that came & went but left this single slab of amazing under-heard metal, even though it was released on a major label. & if you're wondering, it's all in English.

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