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September 1, 2010

Ferox Canorus (Thy Kingdom Done) ~ Break Of Dawn (EP)

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Style: power metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal
Label: self-released
Year: 2009
Home: New Jersey

Members: Dan Sorber ~ guitar
Chris Colalillo ~ keyboards/vocals
Chris Allgood ~ bass/vocals
Steve Goldberg ~ drums

Together since 2004 FC started as a power trio that, like the history of many bands, found themselves breaking up, reuniting, expanding & turning into something they didn't expect. Having been in a band that went the opposite direction to no result except for some nostalgic rehearsal recordings I'm always pleased to see a group have success with the dynamics that is inherently a rock band. As for their music ... it's good to see them have success there too with a great sound. "Dark Knight" opens their first EP with keyboards playing a droning textured background against classical piano rolls, that continue through the song, before breaking into soaring guitars and eventually a pounding riff and group singing. Dream Theater might be a close proximity, as it's hard to describe a band without bringing in a reference point, sans the LaBrie's soaring vocals. Actually, the gritty vocals would be the complete opposite of LaBrie and create quite a counter to the music as not just are two voices echoing each other but they remind me more of a punk band in style and energy but without shouting. I can imagine a producer probably recommending, for their betterment, bringing in some chick singer with lots of high notes or a someone like Z.P. Threat formerly of Dragonforce. But, then, they'd probably end up sounding like Dragonforce or Nightwish and lose that interesting counter-point that makes your ears perk up a bit more. Not every song is of the Dream Theater-esque melodic progressive style. "Tomorrow", "Break Of Dawn" and "Freedom" are all more straight ahead power metal, albeit "Tomorrow" features a creative dueling keyboard and guitar solo. Though, when I say straight ahead power metal I'm not talking the bombastic Firewind or Van Halen but a lot more melodic a la Jon Oliva's Pain, which I chose because their melodic metal also feature gritty vocals. The ending song "The Avenger" takes a similiar approach to "Dark Knight" but with a an interesting and unexpected harpsichord sounding keyboard and some of FC's most aggressive playing, perfect for the comic book imagery of the avenger they're singing about. FC is a very interesting band that in five tracks is still undoubtedly experimenting. I await their first full length where they really have room to go some interesting places ... if not throw in a few more superheros! In 2012 the band renamed itself Thy Kingdom Done.

(featured on the Roman Midnight Music CD Reviews & Interviews podcast: episode 21 "Interview: Dan Sorber of Ferox Canorus" June 2011, click here to listen)


  1. Awesome photography featuring Redemption Photography of Northern NJ.

  2. More pics from Redemption can be found on the myspace page for the band.

  3. very cool band... u gotta see them live

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Though, I'm hoping they'll accept my offer to spend an hour with me on my radio show so we can talk about their music.

  5. I saw them play live many times!!! Good times!!!

  6. Good review. Though I wouldn't compare them as much to Dream Theater as I would to Symphony X. Especially with the keyboards and the raspier vocals.

  7. Zack, you're right. Dream Theater isn't really great (I saw them in concert this year and my spouse was a schoolmate with Jordan so they come to mind more readily), which is why I was happy when I thought of Jon Oliva. I'll confess that I have not heard Symphony X. Or, if I have in passing I don't. But, I'll look for them on youtube.