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April 4, 2010

Leviticus ~ Sta Och Titta Pa (EP)

(No official website.)
Style: hard rock, Sweden
Label: self-released
Year: 1982
Home: Sweden (disbanded)

Members: Kjell Andersson ~ drums
Björn Stigsson ~ guitars/keyboards
Håkan Andersson ~ bass/vocals

Those knowledgable of Christian metal history will probably recognize this band due to their 1985 breakthrough release The Strongest Power, as they are considering one the few Swedish Christian metal bands - they're the first I've ever heard of - & one of the earliest Christian metal bands here or there. This is their debut EP, coming before their famed English Christian releases, which sadly have become more collector's items than legendary albums. Even though it's entirely in Swedish, I feel, having heard their later work, this is one of their best. New wave-esque washes of synthesizers layered against a hard rock drum & bass rhythm highlight the 4 tracks with occassional distorted guitar parts that at times has a very 70's rock feel. The only fault is that the guitars & keyboards never are heard at the same time. Most of the time this is obvious but not distracting. If anything it's interesting because it shows a band imitating what they sound like on stage, compared to what the studio can make them sound like. We've all seen bands on stage that are but shells of their studio sound so it's an interesting change of direction.

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