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April 6, 2010

Damn Glad ~ Not For Nothing

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Style: hard rock, alternative
Label: Damn Glad
Year: 2009
Home: New York City/New Jersey

Members: Matt Kurzban ~ vocals/guitars
Jeff Baker ~ drums
Jeff Kalber ~ bass/b. vocals
Jonny K. ~ guitars/b. vocals

The first thing one notices about Damn Glad is unquestionably the singing. There's great singers, bad singers, adequate singers & then sometimes you get an interesting & recognizable singer - in this case it's also a good singer. A singer like Matt Kurzban really changes the sound of the band with his distinctive croon, like Jon Anderson to Yes or Geddy Lee to Rush. Partly what makes him so great is there's no screaming, growling or falsetto but old fashioned singing with a tone that doesn't sound forced or unnatural! Someone who sings natural, such as Louis Armstrong, can often be a far better & stronger singers than some with all the vocals tricks & magical range. As for what's being sung ... I always like music you suddenly find yourself singing along to. "One Good Reason" was the first of a few tracks I found this occurring to ... actually, banging my head too. If I'm moving & singing to the music - at my desk with headphones on & a spouse watching - we're off to good relationship. This band doesn't necessarily aim for pyrotechnics but a real solid sound of songs radio friendly but still a little raw that include a range of music styles under a hard rock/alternative banner. It's often by the book arrangements, but considering so many bands throw away the book & become unlistenable this is not a detriment. Every track is a little different too, so there's a whole range here really opening up the doors of a potential fan base while showing the musical abilities & influences of the band. I found Damn Glad to also have a particularly strong grasp on rockin' power ballads, that didn't turn sacchrine or cheesy, though can just as easily rock out a la Alice In Chains & Kiss. This is a band I'm putting on my "to see in concert" list! Oh & these guys have their own intricate website too. If you're a serious band get your own website, even a small free one. Myspace is so cliche & makes everyone look the same, albeit it's easy to read, & I hate seeing bands with nothing else but Myspace. If you're only giving your web presence that much energy - & Myspace takes hardly any energy no matter what you do to it - how serious are you taking your music? & before you ask, my two websites I pay for & built myself from a white screen with the opening page taking 8 hours to perfect & I maintain them myself, so I'm no hypocrite. I care about my look ... & I'm damn glad other people do to!

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