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March 22, 2013

The Skin Flutes ~ Corrupting The Youth Of Today

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Style: punk rock
Label: self-released
Year: 1998
Home: Maine (disbanded)

Members: Glenn ~ vocals, guitar
Scott ~ drums
Ryan ~ bass

The name of the band doesn't show much maturity & if it's for kicks it's on an 18 year old level. The name of the album isn't anything that shows more than a punk level shock tactic. The shouted/sung lyrics aren't screamed thankfully, the lyrics are clear & tonally loads better than a lot of peer bands, recalling more of Green Day or the Sex Pistols than many of the current bands that should avoid vocals. The three chord guitar strumming is that & only that. Solos? What are those? There's very little musically here to recommend this band as anything more than filler between better bands in a beer filled musical bar fest. You congratulate them when they get off stage not for the music, but for just the guts to do it while your ears rest. But, I believe you can find something good about every band & I found myself listening to their album repeatedly because of ... the lyrics. They specialize in quirky situations. The songs are by the book & at times graphic, but there's a bit of humor thrown in that makes the SF far more enjoyable than anyone might expect. "Special Love", a favorite of mine, describes an obvious type of love & physical relationship ... only possible with a blow-up doll. "Fat" is all about not getting into a relationship due to one physical feature. "Worth The Time" charts a desire to be what one is one's dreams. "The Girl In The Front Row" introduces the thoughts of the band towards that girl in the front row & the thoughts are all the same & describes an obvious type of love & physical relationship ... only possible with the girl in the front row. Wanting to be a lustful vampire in "I Want To Suck Your Blood". Saying you'd do everything for a lover, but would the lover return the favor by going away in "It's Over". There's even the socially conscious turn via discussing racial tensions, non-comformity & drug addiction in "Untitled #9" & "Made For Me" & "Johnny's Dead", respectively. Corrupting The Youth Of Today was their first album, recorded a year after forming. Originally available on cassette for $3 & now available for free on bandcamp. The follow-up Pop For Hooligans came in 1999, with a new bassist & a punk cover of "Runaround Sue", less interesting than it sounds, sounds the same but discusses more personal angst than love songs or quirky situations. They split in 2000.

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