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January 1, 2013

Die Krupps ~ III: Odyssey Of The Mind

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Style: electronica, industrial, body rock, German
Label: Cleopatra
Year: 1995
Home: Germany
Members: Jurgen Engler ~ vocals/guitar/keyboards/percussion
Lee Altus ~ guitar
Ralf Dorper ~ sampling
Christopher Lietz ~ drum programming
Rudiger Esch ~ bass

DK have become known by many for its dark industrial meets electronica tribute to Metallica that gives the band an amazing facelift, even if at times the electronica bubbling & vocals gets a bit annoying. Personally, I find more interesting when DK gets out of tribute mode & do their own music ... though, ironically, on III: Odyssey Of The Mind it sounds like Metallica gone industrial. Lou Reed was a poor choice of collaborator. This album brings out the guitars & drums much harder than before, becoming more of an industrial outing than pure cold electronica that DK had fashioned before & largely built their early reputation on. It was their Metallica tribute that introduced guitars & their name to a metal audience & now it's continued all the way. Though, this is still an electronica band with bubbly sounds & a looping mentality, but because they've honed in on Metallica & not another industrial band as their template it sounds interesting in a way later similiar industrial & sampling groups don't. It's not necessarily breaking any boundaries musically. While later albums would lose the Metallica & be more mainstream industrial with sound effects, with the songs losing much of their memorable features but sounding great next to The Prodigy. For those that only know DK through their Metallica tribute this album might be a shocking one to hear as its very different. But, between the two albums one gets a great holistic view of DK & this is the best of their later more industrial sound. DK is known for being an innovator in the genre of body music in the European rock scene, styled with dense synth electronica & harsh vocals.

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