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January 22, 2013

Bleach Blonde ~ Bleach Blonde (aka debut) (EP)

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Style: alt rock
Label: Rise Records
Year: 2013
Home: Denver, Colorado

Members: Danny Stillman ~ vocals
Danny Cooper ~ drums
Michael Payne ~ guitar
David Barella ~ guitar/b. vocals
Coty Eikenberg ~ bass

Six months after their founding the quartet of BB release their debut EP. Does this feel rushed? Maybe it is or maybe only on paper. You listen & respond with a comment of your thoughts. Honestly, they've gotten some back & forth press, but having listened to the album & read both the good & bad reviews I think they're not a lost cause & certainly will appeal to someone. Personally, I'm not into teenage angst music with rushing guitars that is more generic than not, but there's enough bands out there doing it that somebody is out there listening ... the audience just might be under drinking age & I'm far enough above it to not understand that mindset. So far, I've found very few musicians who are doing music that nobody is interested in yet they still make the music ... everyone has at least a few fans ... but if you know of a band that truly doesn't care & isn't liked please write me & share them with me. I'll be their fan! But, hey, the Rolling Stones were criticized out the door & their nine month demos don't really show much potential either if you had a chance to hear them. BB might be young, but they have some experience & know inspiration may strike overnight but creativity does take time to fully develop & getting some music out sooner rather than later might be risky but the feedback helps in the end with the creative process. So, here's my two cents ... or one cent in this tough economy. "Sea Mint Pastel" has an intersting opening & when BB choose not to strum like Arctic Monkeys & build layer upon layer, verging on muddy overdose territory, there's some interesting playing. Boys, let the creativity take you & let the music breathe. So often I feel like a band has a moment of clarity, of individualism, & then gets afraid of what folks will think or folks won't & goes back to duplication. Yeah, one foot in the mud might be better than two, but you still don't walk far. The weakest part of BB is the vocals. Nothing particularly interesting outside of the normal teenage band, though better than screamo. There's a second vocalist on "Play Catch Up" but the second voice lacks any tonal variety killing the effect & demonstrates no reason to have a second vocalist. "Play Catch Up" falls into the same trap. When its strum strum layer layer it's nothing unusual or not blanketing a million reverbnation sites by a million other bands. But, when the music can breathe, like in a bridge or refrain, things are interesting. So, switch the parts & you've got something interesting. The final track on this all too short EP, "This Is Instrumental", has an intersting name but nothing particularly interesting about it. Of note, two BB members have already built up a reputation with Drop Dead Gorgeous. They met the other three members, one of whom they wrote via e-mail for awhile before coming physically together. The band, if you're curious, is named in tribute to Nirvana & Venice Beach. A full length debut is in the work. I look forward to more creativity & less fear & more intersting singing.

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