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December 24, 2012

The Antics ~ Running Faster

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Style: punk, alt rock
Label: n/a
Year: 2012
Home: New Jersey

Members: Luke Meisenbacher ~ vocals/guitar
Derek Rosengarth ~ guitar
Kyle Hammerschmidt ~ bass
Josh Reitan ~ drums

The Antics started in 2009 as Swimming With Piranhas. I'd like to say I remember them from my time in playing in bands in New York, but I don't, but its such a cool name I wish I remembered it. Supposedly, the Antics name is to reflect this Jersey quartet's
energetic personalities, but that must be assuming piranhas sleep a lot. Personally, though while I like both names I would go for something more classic sounding, to reflect the music not the personalities. Their PR says they're influenced by Joy Division, the Smiths, the Doors & the Who. I wouldn't want to say the last two too loud as this is far from Jim Morrison's poetry or Roger Daltrey's voice. But, it sounds good to say you're influenced by these bands, if really you sound nothing like them. I mean, I used to love Shakespeare so I guess this blog has a very Shakespearian quality about it. Do I thumb my nose at you sir? As for Joy Division I don't know their music well enough to agree or not. Then, there's the Smiths. Now here's something that I will agree with & is not just one-sheet PR fodder. Though, focus more on Johnny Marr's guitars over Morissey's vocals & I believe you might find something with a piranha attack called The Antics here on their debut album. They call themselves a post-punk band, but I think this is a highly over-used descriptor. Most of the post-punk bands I hear seem to be uncreateive & often noisy alt rock injected shock to the groin ... or maybe from the groin. It's for the high schooler in you. While the Antics might confess to be making music high school girls love, there's often a very classic 50's/60's garage rock feeling to their music that can be appreciated by a much larger audience. Though, I wish the vocals were better mixed as they just end up sounding moody & losing some of the quirkiness that brings in Morissey.

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