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November 7, 2012

Radiolab ~ Phantom Limb (EP)

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Style: experimental, industrial, electronic
Label: Self-released
Year: 2011
Home: Marland

Members: Meghan Redding ~ vocals
Dane Di Perro ~ guitars/bass/drum programming

A little bit of the Book Of Love dry electro-pop via the vocals & a little bit of Android Lust or later Gary Newman gothic industrial woven together with a strange warm mix of drum programming given a few distorting nob twists, some acoustic guitars & droning electric guitars. On top of this is softly crooned almost Ani DiFranco poetic lyrics of broken heart & after broken heart, that's almost in the wrong place against the highly electronic Sonic Youth/sometimes Sky Cries Mary inspired musical background, yet it works as the music plays around the vocals letting them lead the path. Playing together for the past few years this bitter pill poet meets adventuresome multi-instrumentalist have created an interesting little musical blanket in their second release that brings together all the aforementioned dynamics but giving it their own soft flavor. Though, given all I've mentioned, the result tends to stay in a contemplative whisper mode with rarely a roar. The lyrics are moody, but never vocally are given anything beyond a light echo'd croon. Even when sounding more shocking than emotional they're never thrown around, yelled out or given much of a big emotional bang. "Death Wish" has some strong moments but its also the most indie sounding & lacks the musical punch that other songs have. It's all sung on the sly. It's nice, but it also means all the songs have the same meandering mood. Some vocal dynamics would be welcomed & not just hitting the echo button. As for the music, the best songs are the more electronic heavy ones (for example, "This Is A Joke") & not the strumming indie guitar sounding ones (for example, "Death Wish"). The problem is the strumming lacks the texture of the more droning or electronic pieces. "All In the Mind" is an interesting inclusion, perhaps the most structured musically, as its less working with the movement of the lyrics & more a electronic loop with samples. I'd like to hear more of this tight musical approach with some meandering overdubs & the vocals.

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