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November 2, 2012

Johnny Lima ~ Shine On

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Style: hard rock
Label: self-released
Year: 1999
Home: California

Members: Johnny Lima ~ Vocals/guitars/keyboards/drums
John Prock ~ bass
Ritchie Cedillo, Craig Launer ~ lead guitar

Additional: Dave Friday, Jeff Silva ~ b. vocals

This album generally gets good marks from critics ... yes, I can agree that its a good rocking outing. The songs are tight, melodies memorable, singing & lyrics good. Critics ay its better than JL's debut. Haven't heard it, I don't know. But, if you put this into your CD player with a second CD of classic era Bon Jovi, before they went country-rock, & press shuffle you won't know the difference or whose playing when. I'll even bet you money you won't know who is who. You'll be saying to me that "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" was written during the "Runaway" sessions. I'd even be willing to let you falsely win the bet just because you won't believe me it isn't the boys from Jersey. Having listened to it a handful of times, as I do every album I review, I can't shake that I'm actually listening to Bon Jovi, from the tone & style of the vocals, the chorus backing vocals, the keyboards, the arrangements & even the thematic content of the lyrics. If JL was looking to attract people to his voice. Yes, he can sing, no doubt, & listeners will enjoy it. If he wanted to woo them with his songwriting. Yes, the songs are all attractive hair metal melodies. If he was attracting listeners to show he is a perfect replacement for Jon when he leaves the band, well ... Jon have you considered retiring, like soon? I would really like to enjoy this album & Lima's singing, as it was introduced by a facebook friend, but after numerous listens over a couple days I'm unable to get beyond its imitative qualities. I've probably never heard such a good Bon Jovi imitation. I'm actually quite impressed ... on that level. At least its not imitating all the typical bands that hair metal bands like to do & at least he's singing about something other than screwing the latest girl, as most bands do. I'll give him kudos for imitating one of the best bands of the era & taking away all their good traits. But, I hope on later albums he finds himself.

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