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September 15, 2012

Gut Bucket ~ Gut Bucket (aka debut)

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Style: death metal
Label: Murete Records
Year: 2012
Home: Providence, Rhode Island

Members: Rob "666" Cinami ~ drums/b. vocals
Kenny Ruhle ~ bass/lead vocals
Zack Parker ~ bass/b. vocals

Sometimes I think folks are involved in death metal bands just for the pure fun of singing the most obnoxious lyrics imaginable. I mean, when you have song titles like "Buckets Of Slut Guts", "Nightmares & Knife Blades", "The Sadist", "Hell Cocks" & "Faceless Stump" ... you don't seriously think any listener is going to look for some elaborate social criticism behind your music? Though, perhaps there is a great message of ethnic cleansing in "Buckets Of Slut Guts": "Rounding up the filthy sluts that refuse to obey/dump their guts into gut bucket for another day/fill the tub of guts of sluts so I can start to play". Certainly, Mother Theresa & Gandhi would ...? At least growling singer Kenny Ruhle is coherent in what he's saying - if that really matters - yet is at his most enjoyable when going at top speed like the Bare Naked Ladies in their "One Week" (i.e. "Buckets Of Slut Guts," "The Creature Walks Among Us"). Behind him is a regular yelling voice echoing incoherent things ... & brings flashbacks of the music performances on the Muppet Show. Though, when the songs are just fully incoherent they lose some of their interest (i.e. "Nightmares & Knife Blades"), while the repeating word of "masterbator" in "The Sadist" does get rather Muppets-esque after awhile once the shock wears off. & that's part of the oddity with bands like this - what's the point? Shock? It's not fun or creative like Alice Cooper. Great playing? With songs lasting less than two minutes there's no room for solos. Entertainment? Well, for some it's certainly entertaining, on a juvenile level. But, before I criticize GB too much I have to say they have one thing that is well worth hearing - the two bass guitar attack ... actually, the detuned duel bass guitar attack where the strings slap & growl. Formed in 2005 with their latest line-up coming this year I don't know if they've always been a bass heavy band or not, but its a magical rhythmic background that catches the ear immediately. It's sludgy, & Motorhead-like (i.e. "13") & they've truly hit on something that pulls them out of the normal death metal mix. More bands should want to experiment with this instrumentation.

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