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September 6, 2012

Crawley ~ High & Low

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Style: hard rock
Label: Morbid Records
Year: 2011
Home: Kentucky

Members: Eric Crawley ~ lead vocals/guitar
Chuck Mingis ~ lead guitar
Bill Goins ~ bass/b. vocals
Mike Huettig ~ drums/b. vocals

I've been listening to Crawley's debut High & Low over & over. It doesn't jump with wild guitar solos all over the place, it may not scream & shout in your face, it's not a moody romp, some of the songs do have a tendency to blend together fading into the background, but its a surprisingly solid release that holds up over numerous listened based on a single very simple trait - solid old fashioned songwriting with just enough edge & personal flavor. The acoustic foundation with some electric guitars throwing out power chords & a strong backbeat also helps. At one point I'm reminded of Stone Temple Pilots, yet, it could very well come out of the Springsteen camp. It's clearly hard rock, but its hard rock for the whole family. Crawley's background includes two members of Days Of The New that formed a trio called Freedom & Whiskey, recording six albums. Stand-up comic & former Sons Of The Bluegrass singer/guitarist Eric Crawley joined the trio & Crawley the band was born. The Americana roots now become obvious & those looking for some solid, very personal, unflashy rock, that culls from Springsteen & Mellencamp & is the same stuff Bret Michaels & Kid Rock are making music around. ... Crawley is a must to hear.

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