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July 28, 2012

Blackhammer ~ Damned World (EP)

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Style: black metal, death metal, noise, experimental, italian
Label: Dod Incarnate Records
Year: 2012
Home: Bolzano, Italy

Members: Xulur, Terror ~ guitars/drums/vocals

Formed this year Italian duo Blackhammer turns out a debut, following the recording of the demo Daemon & a single, that is as basic as one can get, sparse & painfully cold death. It's music for zombies to plod by. Actually, this type of black metal is the shining forte of Dod Incarnate Records that also features noise monsters Dod Beverte & Dethcentrik. Eight tracks cut off any sense of daylight or hope via a single Television-esque crooked guitar riffing tirelessly against top speed pounding double bass drums & croaked vocals. The music has a bit of a droning hypnotic quality, decrying solos or much variation once the pattern is established. Though, at over three minutes it can make a song a bit long, without at least a break or scream or something. It doesn't help that the production is also as bare as one can get. No studio tweaks. Though, it would be interesting to hear a simple keyboard line tucked into the mix adding some light ambiance giving a bit of warmth to the starkness. This is the music community moral groups warn you not to listen to. Though, it's not necessarily Satanic, just as black & raw as it gets. "The Story Of Your Death", "XIII", "The Beginning Of Agony", "Fire Above Us", "Agony", "Endless Sufference", "The Face Of Death", "Buried Under The Desert Sun" walk you through zombie land. It should be noted it that there is two different sessions as "XIII", "Agony" & "Fire Above Us" come over from the demo, which is obvious as a couple songs have one guitar sound while the demos have a more fuzzed up variation. I label this an EP though its beyond that at eight songs, but three of the songs are under a minute & mearly sound bridges.

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