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May 1, 2012

Dimesland ~ Creepmoon (EP)

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Style: thrash, death metal, instrumental
Label: Vendlus Records
Year: 2012

Home: Oakland, California

Members: Nolan Cook, Drew Cook ~ guitars
Harland Burkhart ~ drums
Greg Brace ~ bass/vocals

This little California band hearkens one back to the earliest days of Metallica with a raw almost simple thrash guitar attack, slightly gruff semi-shouted vocals & arrangements that seem to stutter more than flow smoothly from section to section. Early Metallica was a band that drew more from bands like Venom & the underground death metal that felt chaotic but wasn't versus the complicated highly technical riffs of later. It was a band that would spin-off Megadeth ... a birth that seems highly unlikely if one only listens to the current Metallica output Lulu included. The six track debut Creepmoon by Dimesland could be early Metallica reincarnated, even down to some "For Whom The Bells Toll" church bells deep in the mix of "Architect", for a new generation across the board walking a fine line between imitation, duplication & individuality. They remain on the safe side of individuality leaving boring imitation for other bands. Dimesland has the essence without the blandness. The quasi-instrumental "Degradation Suite" shows their individual experimental side with long repeating notes & lots of echo in a mini horror movie soundtrack with "Ghastly Maneuvering" continuing the trend but with instrumental thrash leading into a floating haunted house theme that needs to be heard to be believed culling more from the experimental side of death metal than Metallica ever dared. Dimesland was formed in 2006 with member of the Residents & Wild Hunt.


  1. That's some excellent stuff. I'm not usually a fan of the less melodic strands of death metal, but this has a bit of everything. Wish I hadn't watched the video first thing in the morning, though - it's set my day off on a really strange note! Really interesting review, too!

    1. Thanks for the comment scroogles! Actually, it's a bit different then what I was expecting when I got the promo.