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April 22, 2012

Dog Shredder ~ Brass Tactics (EP)

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Style: prog-metal, instrumental
Label: Good To Die Records
Year: 2012
Home: Bellingham, Washington

Members: Noah Burns ~ drums
Josh Holland ~ guitar/vocals/synthesizer/programming
Jeff Johnson ~ bass

This powerfully energized trio from Bellingham, Washington - a little town north of Seattle & home of the the Pixies, retro surf rock's famed label Estrus Records & Death Cab For Cutie - present a new three track release, on vinyl no less, following their 2010 two song debut EP Boss Rhino. This is a must hear to be believed outing that's a vibrant orchestrated cocophany, note vibrant not necessarily violent though the thrash influences are under the skin, that hearkens of early heavy freak out prog-rock, i.e. the more obscure stuff like Ya Ho Wha 13, Red Krayola or Pere Ubu or Krautrock's Faust. DS may not be familiar with these cult level references, but after a listen they may be inspired by them as its the same energy DS is drawing from to create a no holds bar audio experience that teaters on the edge of being alienating with its technical playing hidden under speed & ferosity. Decrying a focus on vocals, except for some echoed choruses deep in the mix more akin to another instrument than any focus on the words themselves, & traditional guitar solos or traditional solos of any instrument, DS have put together a rhythm heavy experience of pounding drums & guitars that is aiming at the end of prog-metal that is looking for sounds within sounds, the art of careening kaleidescope layers, tight rhythm noise experiments & a bit of luck. This is a band that needs to be heard as outcome is failed by words that do little to describe the DS sound accurately. DS began as a jam session to learn "Heart Of The Sunrise" by Yes. They've since toured with Helmet & drone metal duo Black Cobra, amongst others, & the influence of the experiences come through. The movement from point A to point Y & what came out in the middle gives some context to their musical goal. One can almost hear "Heart Of The Sunrise" underneath it all on some cosmic level. Though, it's almost scary what DS has created in that middle ground, tight yet chaotic, the musical experiments of Sonic Youth to the harsh speed of Sadistik Execution. The only problem is the three songs - "Battle Toads", "Battle Snake" & "Battle 07" - not just share similiar names but also end up floating into each other sounding like one long Yes-esque piece rather than three distinct songs. But, considering how much movement is within the three arrangements DS isn't holding back on showing what they can do. Those looking for some new blood & new creativity & in turn be inspired should check out this little trio.

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  1. What an awesome band ! these guy really know how to rock so hard!