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April 3, 2012

Bad Acid Trip ~ Lynch The Wierdo

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Style: comedy, grindcore, thrash
Label: Serjical Strike
Year: 2004
Home: Los Angeles, California

Members: Dirk Rogers ~ vocals
Keith Aazami ~ guitars/banjo/vocals
Chris Mackie ~ bass
Jose Perez ~ drums

Additional: children's chorus ~ b. vocals

"Energetic bursts of psychopathic fury" is how BAT describe themselves on their website &, considering how hyped hype is ... it's actually fairly accurate. Though, I might argue that psychopathic is more just trying to be obscene & wacky. Produced by System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian BAT might best be described as a punk version of Zappa, but they're taking offensive to a new level & leaving the jazzy guitar solos behind as the music is not so important here ... though there are some quircky arrangements right out of the Zappa template. They're both aiming to just be corny, though. For example, the oddly named highlight "Cigarette Pack" is from the point of view of sex toys that can teach you more about yourself. The motto is don't deny what turns you on. The MTV single "BeefMoo" is where Wierd Al meets Red Hot Chili Peppers as BAT scream about the dying planet & its resources & overpopulation. The problem is they literally scream ... but then, I've already said, music isn't the focus here. Then there's "Jump Rope - Spray Water" about capitalism & the puppets of democracy with a particularly Zappa refrain, moving to the ironically titled "It's A Wonderful Life" that covers everything from politicans, fucking one's mother to money. Though, with the songs ranging from under a minute to just barely two they all blend together & its hard to tell where one begins & the other ends so it becomes one long diatribute of profanity as musically its a repetitive lurch of just straight ahead chugging guitars with minimal variety. Sadly, not helping the gap between songs, BAT spends too much time on their single message - government is bad, humans are on the way down socially. Zappa may have had the same message at times but was never this profane nor profane for the sake of it, while the anti-government message is as cliched as 'rock all night' songs & thus it wears out its welcome quickly. Further, anyone can scream the government is bad, but it takes depth & creativity to bring that well-worn sentiment to life again ... BAT aren't the ones taking up this challenge as they prefer the in your face assault approach. Shock now, not much to say later. Thankfully, there are some variations on a theme, such as the standout "P.C." about the obvious & the Wierd Al soundalike "Habits Of Clay" about habits. Those that like quircky lyrics will enjoy checking out BAT, but others will wonder what's the point? The same thing they probably wondered at some of Zappa's recording. At least Zappa had the music to rely back on when the humor got stale. For myself, I hear some horrible death metal bands & they interest me far more after listening to this. They hav a mood, this doesn't. This doesn't have much of anything in the end. But, this blog is about interesting music & this certainly fits the bill & for some BAT, who first came to prominence at the 2006 Ozzfest, will certainly have an attraction.

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