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March 17, 2012

LadderSouL ~ LadderSouL (aka debut)

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Style: rock, pop
Label: Tate Music Group
Year: 2010
Home: California

Members: Steve Webb ~ all instruments
N.Y.C. Drumworks-Players ~ drums/percussion

LS is the outcome of multi-instrumentalist Steve Webb whose created a pop/alt rock-ish album of ballady guitar rock. One of the most distinctive features of the album is the organic mix of voice & guitar that creates a soft floating feeling with bouncing rhythms like one is cruising along in a boat riding with the waves. Going with the waves might be an apt metaphor for Webb himself, who was born in England into a musical family where all the kids were taught classical music, leading to piano recitals in Japan, only to move to America where he'd delve into alt rock & hip-hop & the undergound rock scene. He'd also spend time in Germany playing music. But, don't expect Rammstein meets Eminem meets Loudness here. Far from it. This is actually a very low-key rock album which feels like more of the focus is given to the soft tenor vocals, with the guitars providing rhythmic textures, versus show off with in your face guitar solos as might be expected from a guitarist. "Clouds", "Treasure Hunt" & "Finding The Words" are particular stand-out singles made for the radio & will find wide appeal due to the fact that they have a pop rock sensibility but without being too pop or too heavy, having that soft tender feeling folks often crave at the end of the day over a glass of wine. Or, do you ever have one of those moments when you just want to head down to the park or some special secluded place outside with only the air, sun & passing strangers? When time melts away timelessly? This is the soundtrack to that moment.


  1. me encanta tu sutileza, tu forma de entonar tus canciones,tienes estilo propio que trasmite mucho!!!!

  2. Muchas Gracias Conni! Está muy apreciada! Voy a seguir trabajando en la música a causa de su aliento! Deseando lo mejor a ti no! "LadderSouL"

    1. Voy a seguir trabajando en la música a causa por su estîmulo. :) "LadderSouL"