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January 21, 2012

DVD: Bobby Vee & The Original Juniors ~ Bobby Vee (aka self-titled)

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Style: classic rock, pop rock
Label: MVD Visual
Year: 2005
Home: n/a

Concert location: Little Darlin's, Rock'N'Roll Palace, Orlando, Florida
Year Recorded: 1989
Length: 45 minutes
Bonus Features:

Members: Bobby Vee ~ vocals/rhythm guitar
band n/a

Guests: The Original Juniors ~ n/a

There's a whole world of music seemingly gone ... because it doesn't rock hard enough & may not even be considered rock by 2012 standards, the lyrics are kindergarten innocent or about such uninteresting topics as Betty Lou getting a new pair of shoes, the style of music is no longer played such as rockabilly, was hip before the Beatles were the big fad, the musicians in question are all retired or performing on the nostalgia or casino circuit & largely forgotten by anyone younger than 50. 46 year old singer BV falls into all the above unable to ride his teen idol status into a new generation of listeners but as long as his original fans are alive he continues to tour the old songs with pleasure. In the 1960's he had thirty-eight Hot 100 chart hits, ten of which hit the top 20 ... but his feel good bubblegum pop music has largely been lost to history & a new generation of fans alongside such peers as Fabian, Ricky Nelson, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Sherman amongst others. There's something fascinating & hypnotic walking these folks today well beyond middle aged singing songs of rubber balls, doing the twist & having an audience the same age enjoying every minute of it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this music & on one hand it's easy to wish it back for a moment ... a breath of fresh air against an onslaught of music which has to have a hard beat, guitar solos & a flashy stage show. In all in white BV sings a small selection of his early hits from the 1989 tv show "Live At The Palace" bouncing on his heals & picking up a guitar to strum away. If it wasn't for the full view of the audience dancing away & obviously having a good time the audience would be less than entertaining. If one isn't familiar with BV's teen idol days the later day performer doesn't passions or understanding of what the attraction is. The biggest problem with this video is that BV's act is only about 20 minutes long & passes by as it's just getting started. BV started his career at age 15 in a band called The Shadows who were called from down the block to fill the sudden opening left in the 'Winter Dance Party Tour' by the death earlier that day of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & the Big Bopper. Thoughout his career BV would often pay tribute to Holly & has since performed with singer Jay Richardson, the Big Bopper's son. Bonus features include a performance at the same venue by the Original Juniors also with a 20 minute set, BV not included, making this DVD more a split with BV than a solo video as it advertises itself as. The Original Juniors were originally the doo-wop group Danny & The Juniors, frontman Danny Rapp found dead in 1983, famous for their songs "At The Hop" & "Twistin' USA". Their performance is just as interesting as BV & its ashame they don't get double billing.

Track listing: Rubber Ball
Devil Or Angel
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Walking With My Angel
Take Good Care Of My Baby

The Original Juniors set-list: Rock'N'Roll Is Here To Stay
Twistin' USA
Sometimes When I'm All Alone
Pony Express
At The Hop

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