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November 24, 2011

Warp 11 ~ Boldly Go Down On Me

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Style: humor, hard rock
Label: Reboot Music
Year: 2004
Home: California

Members: Captain Karl Miller ~ bass/vocals
Chief Medical Officer Jeff Hewitt ~ drums/vocals
Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer ~ keyboards/vocals
Chief Engineer Brian Moore ~ guitar/vocals

Phasers set to kill, Klingons & Vulcans, warp drive & overloading warp cores, malfunctioning electrical circuits, deflector shields, auto destruct & red shirted nameless soldiers that will die quickly ... & most importantly super sexy shipmates ready to get it on in fantasy positions. Yes, it's a typical episode of Star Trek, any of the series actually, it's also the entire lyrical theme of Warp 11 ... everyone's favorite, & maybe the only, Star Trek themed comedy rock band. Started in 1999 as a side-project Warp 11 has drawn a big fanbase ... of both those who love & hate Star Trek ... for it's collection of original songs that combine show references & characters, comedic word play (for example, "Boldly go down on me, can't you see, I'm insecur-ity" from the title track) & lots of explicit & sly sexual innuendos (for example, "Captain caught me on the holodeck with a blaster in my hand" from "Captain Caught Me on the Holodeck"). As much as the joke may eventually become tedious Warp 11 ... a nod to Spinal Tap whose amps go up to 11 not 10 ... put their lyrics behind an array of upbeat musical styles that go from punk rock a la Red Hot Chili Peppers to acoustic folk ballads to twisted quirky pop a la Bare Naked Ladies, though never pulling the attention away from the music. One doesn't need geeky Trekkie insight into the show to understand the humor as Star Trek has so entered popular culture that everyone knows who Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock are even if they've never watched an episode & that's about as much as you'll need to really get Warp 11 ... though more does help if you're so inclined to watch 5 tv series & 3 sets of mediocre movies. The over-the-top sexual topics & the curiosity of what might be said next also keeps one listening. Boldly Go Down On Me is their second album solidifying the experiment & setting the template for the many albums that would follow. This release also features an array of stand-out tracks including: "She Make It So", "Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons", the Red Hot Chili Pepper sounding "Give It Up For The Captain", "Auto Destruct", "Rage Against the Federation", "A Song for People Who Never Watch Star Trek", "Welcome To Our Cube" & "Set Your Phaser For Fuck". The other albums in their catalog also deserve mention & any of them would be a good place to check out Warp 11, though they all fall into the same sound with little variation, & include It's Dead, Jim, I Don't Want To Go To Heaven As Long As They Have Vulcans In Hell, their latest release Borgasm, the controversially titled Suck My Spock & their debut Red Alert with the single "Everything I Do (I Do With William Shatner)" that was featured on TV's roast of Shatner, aka Captain Kirk.

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