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September 6, 2011

Morbus Chron ~ Sleepers In The Rift

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Style: death metal, black metal, Swedish
Label: Pulverised Records
Year: 2011
Home: Stockholm, Sweden

Members: Edde ~ lead Guitar/vocals
Robba ~ guitar/vocals
Dag - bass
Adam - drums

The debut of Swedish black metal pulverisers Morbus Chron, or as their press release calls them "the Swedish makers of audio filth", is a beastly onslaught of brutal in your face dropped tuning crude death metal that your ears will thank you for. They advertise themselves as old school death metal but for those only casually acquainted with the genre the difference between old school & new school is probably be the difference between two Aerosmith albums ... so it's almost not better to worry about where in the timeline they cull their sound from & just enjoy the result, which is in no doubt enjoyable. For those that do know the difference know that if you enjoy Metallica's Kill'Em All, Black Sabbath & yet still like growling music that sounds like demons going into battle you will absolutely love MC. There's actually a lot of enjoy here ... all made possible via somethings few new school & even quite a handful of old school bands, largely forget: 1) Black Sabbath made gloomy music not by rushing through riffs but through deep & slow growling riffs, slow is powerfully gloomy while speed is often just chaotic, 2) a break in the guitar playing to let a little air into the song can do it wonders for the arrangement & mood. A powerfully heavy & intricate rhythm section are a real key to MC's success, including bass only breaks (i.e. "Coughing In A Coffin", "Creepy Creeping Creep", "Red Hook Horror"), drums not always pounding out the double bass let alone drum only breaks or (i.e. "Hymns To A Stiff"), rhythms that may only use a few notes per bar (i.e. "Creepy Creeping Creep", "Lidless Coffin", "Ways Of Torture"), changing dynamics that often include wandering up & down along great jumping musical intervals (i.e. "Coughing In A Coffin") & even a bit of old fashioned raw nearly chaotic death metal slaying ("Red Hook Horror", "Dead Body Pile Necrophile", "Deformation Of The Dark Matter") to balance out the plodding Sabbath moments ("The Hallucinating Dead"). This is one of those bands where success doesn't necessarily lie in a particular spotlighted musician or the wonders of the guitar soloi but is where everything works together, the way a band should, to create one organic beast. What's even amazing is that one doesn't even always realize that there's two guitars & two vocalists as everything so perfectly blends. This is clearly one of the most finely crafted death metal releases of the year. Every song is a killer. I wish more death metal was like this.

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