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August 3, 2011

The Evidence ~ Currents

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Style: pop, hard rock, alt rock
Label: Meter Records
Year: 2011
Home: Canada

Members: Casey Lewis ~ vocals/drums/keyboards

Tyler Pickering ~ vocals/guitar/programming
Dean Rud ~ vocals/bass
For many years, for me, alt pop meant a type of alternative rock that wasn't gritty & played a lot of overly sentimental ballads in the mold of Coldplay or maybe Oasis. It wasn't bad but I like my rock with a little bit of masculine energy not a bunch of dreamy eyed boys blowing kisses to girls in the audience or getting all overly sentimental & mystical. The Evidence is one of a new breed of alt rock bands combining a touch of Coldplay but with the energy of the Foo Fighters ... or giving more emphasis to the alt than the pop ... & realizing that the girls in the audience like to rock out too & not just listen to love songs. You can get the girls via both approaches. Further, after years dominated by the shadow of punk in terms of Green Day & three chord song alt rock rhythm sections are finally stepping back into the spotlight by providing lots of texture & changes independent of the guitar & put the variety & low-end attack back into the arrangement. Since 2000 the Evidence, starting as high school friends dubbed as the Failure, have sought to craft out a niche for themselves with highly skilled arrangements that sweep across numerous styles. A boost, & eventual name change, came after eight years as the Failure when the drudgery of band life moved the lyrics from the cliched to the personal. The Evidence know disguise mental dilemmas under a little bit of sing-along pop. I recently was talking to John Wetton of Asia/King Crimson about his new solo album Raised In Captivity & he said it sounded just like a full band, though it was actually only him & former 1990's Yes bandmate & producer Billy Sherwood. The Evidence sounds like a quartet if not bigger ... I'm even willing to bet that they really are but for legal rights are leaving off the other other band members in the linear notes. Though, I know that they've added a fourth member for their live shows. But, on album sound nothing like a trio as they've done a superb job layering drums, guitars, keyboards & programming in a mix that blows me away. It's almost illegal to have this much vibrant music for only three guys. What's your secret boys? I'm guessing its in the mix. The fact that the song-writing is great too combining rock with pop certainly is a contributing factor. & the three part vocals certainly boost things up a notch.

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