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August 1, 2011

DVD: The Dwarves ~ Fuck You Up And Get Live

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Style: punk
Label: Greedy Worldwide
Year: 2004
Home: San Francisco, California

Concert location: The Continental, New York City
Year Recorded: 2004
Length: 75 minutes
Bonus Features: official music videos of "Over You", "We Must Have Blood", "Bleed On", "HeWhoCanNotBeNamed", "Pimp", "Way Out"

Members: Blag Dahlia ~ vocals

HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, The Fresh Prince Of Darkness ~ guitars
Wreck Tom ~ drums
Clint Torres ~ bass

I don't listen to a much punk rock. On the whole the genre has never really grabbed me. There's something about the energy and basic playing approach that does little for me, albeit retro garage I do like and it's not a very distant cousin. I tend to be more interested in a song here or there versus full albums or a particular band. Though, my boss regularly blasts out the Clash and other classic punk bands so it's not that I don't find myself listening to it. I know that one reason I've never been into punk is because quite often the studio recordings aren't as interesting to me as seeing a band in concert with the energy of the moment. It's like just listening to Wendy O. Williams when she saws the guitar in half. It's not the same when you can't see it. But, having said that I'll confess that I know punk also has quite a thriving internal energy that doesn't require visuals. Punk is primarily motivated by internal angst. Though I may not be a punk fan I can recognize bands in the field that are at the top of their game and worth checking out. If you're looking for a post 1970's, aka post- Sex Pistols, punk band that has the visuals plus the internal energy and is making top notch in-the-face hardcore punk the Dwarves are a definite good starting point. But, be warned ... lots of breasts, panty shots, profanity and a guitarist that performs in briefs and a Mexican wrestling mask and even wears a bit less showing a bit more in one of the bonus music videos. It's chugging chord scrapping music and quasi-profane shouted lyrics with an audience as wild as the band. The bonus features are indeed a bonus in every aspect of the word and might even be more interesting than the concert itself. For those unfamiliar with the Dwarves sound the music videos give one the studio versions to compare to the live versions. Though, another warning, these aren't MTV videos ... which make them interesting. They never would be allowed. If you really want to have a good time with this video and bonus tracks play a game of counting women's bare breasts and you'll know why they aren't MTV material. For those that don't know, or haven't already realized it, the Dwarves have a reputation for nudity both male and female, on-stage sex, self-mutilation and heavy drug usage often leading to incredibly short shows and band injuries in the tradition of punk rocker extraordinaire G.G. Allin. Though, they play far better music.

Track listing: Massacre Intro
I Will Deny
Everybody's Girl
Liek You Want
Salt Lake City
Anybody Out There
Way Out
Over You
You Gotta Burn
Act Like You Know
How It's Done
Back Seat Of My Car
Detention Girl
Must Have Blood

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