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April 5, 2011

When Summer's Gone ~ Matinee (EP)

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Style: hard rock
Label: Last Stand Records
Year: 2010
Home: Pennsylvania

Members: Dave Graziani ~ vocals/guitar
Chris Lepri ~ drums/bass
Formed in 2007 WSG is one of the new breed of bands that has gained a fan base purely through online releases & not performing live ... not that they don't want to but with a two-man set-up it's more a game of logistics than initiative. Two years later they released their debut album, the simply named December, that cited Alice In Chains & Sevendust as inspiration with the storytelling of Springsteen thrown in. Basically ... heavy riffs & working class ideology, which is essentially no different than the fathers of modern metal Black Sabbath which was four boys playing music to avoid working in the factories where they might have their fingers cut off. Their Matinee five song EP is the follow-up to their debut. The guitar heavy music relies more on steady chords & riffs than solos or intricate playing, laying a backbone to the prominent feature of WSG - the lyrics. For example, "Down at the midway where we were still alive/This August night the summer sky relfects inside your eyes" is the chorus to "The Last Midway" or the opening lines to "King's Row" are "Grab the shovels, turn the key, kick the tires & this 68 Chevy will set us free/Asphalt rolling underneath, moon hanging in the autumn sky shines on these dead memories." The source of the Springsteen reference should become obvious with WSG's almost folksy love songs painting little scenes of lonely rooms. Sadly, the only weak part of WSG is the singing. It's not gritty like Springsteen, nor particularly distint, nor even overly emotional. Dave Graziani does the job but is a better guitarist & songwriter than singer. A bit of a vocal dramatic boost, that's only occasionally hinted at, would go along way to having the singing lift the stories to a new emotional level.

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