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April 26, 2011

Omission ~ Thrash Metal Is Violence

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Style: thrash, heavy metal, Spain
Label: Xtreem Music
Year: 2010
Home: Spain

Members:Patillas ~ guitar/vocals
Julito ~ bass
Juanjo ~ drums
Marco ~ lead guitar

Mixing together thrash & black metal, with a few old metal cliches for good luck including death/destruction & lots of hate & anger, comes Omission's latest release Thrash Metal Is Violence featuring their brand of Satanic speed metal. They've been together since 2002, but Thrash Metal Is Violence is Omission's first full-length album following some demos, single tracks & music for a porno. Thrash Metal Is Violence was originally came out as a self-released 500 piece run in 2009, but was so well received that when Omission joined the Xtreem Records family the album was reissued with mass distribution worldwide with two bonus live tracks. It's a rare moment when a new record label chooses to reissue old material from a new band on the roster ... showing the attractiveness & power of Thrash Metal Is Violence. For those looking for the thrash on the Satyricon end of the spectrum, early Satyricon, over the Megadeth style of thrash Omission is a band to check out. This is extreme fast & furious thrash not full of fancy pyrotechnics. It's old-fashioned gutter level heavy riffing, wild solos, double bass drumming & screaming/growling vocals. A lot of thrash bands tends to be too furious & fast for their own good, becoming muddy akin to black metal, leaving anything but the most hardcore thrash fan feeling alienated. I'm often one of those listeners who prefers something more melodic & less stereotypical ... later Sayricon, who've I've even seen in concert even ... but Omission, against stereotype & potential expectations, is an enjoyable listen that is raw & rough in a non-alienating way while the vocals remain understandable. There's no new ground here while the songs tend to migrate together sounding like one long attack, occasionally broken up by a welcome break in the drumming or an interesting but all too short bridge that has the potential to be developed into a chorus. But, if you like one song you won't be disappointed by what follows. One interesting addition is an instrumental track. It's not some strange experimental song, but basically, the same thrashy riffing, just with no lyrics. Thrash isn't the type of music one usually sees as having instrumental potential, but it does provide a nice interlude in between heavy songs. The live tracks, aka bonus tracks, concluding the album are unnecessary additions to a strong album but its always nice hearing a band in the less polished live setting. Though, what would have been a great alternative bonus would have been the early demos by the band from previous line-ups.

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