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March 17, 2011

Big Terrible ~ Face The Stone

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Style: hard rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2009
Home: Philadelphia

Members: Jon Dumoff ~ vocals/bass
Dan Lynam ~ guitar
Tim Lynam ~ drums

"Riding Into Battle" opens the album with a riff that immediately lays down the ground rules for BT's ensuing musical battle. Riffs out of the Hendrix catalog with a sound that sits perfectly beside any 1960's pre-Sabbath heavy prog-rock. If BT haven't listened to Blue Cheer era prog in crafting their music, going more for the standard Sabbath that every band tries to imitate & cite as an influence usually with limited success, the unintentional influence must be by osmosis ... & its never too late to start listening to fill in the gaps & get an edge on bands that don't know who inspired Sabbath. A bluesy foundation clearly comes through but BT plays startingly heavy like Deep Purple plays the blues - it doesn't sound like the blues but some incredibly heavy metal, literally, back before metal equaled thrash or speed. Most bands aim for what BT has achieved. Some critics have compared BT to Gov't Mule, which might be accurate for the ballsy rhythms & aggression fueling Face The Stone but BT never lets the blues dominate. While others have cited Soundgarden, considering Jon Dumoff's tone is eerily similiar to Chris Cornell & often includes similiar stretched notes & cries. But, BT clearly have a personality all their own that is immediately obvious from the first note, pound & shout. Every band has shades of those who came before & thus other bands are cited in comparison, as above, often for the simple reason that it makes describing the music easier if one can compare it to something known to readers & potential new fans. But, don't let this comparison fool you into thinking that BT sound like someone else. This is no imitation but one of those bands that prove that rock is anything but dead as so many critics like to shallowly & proudly proclaim without bothering to listen to the new breed of bands like BT. While this might be their debut but there's nothing musically undeveloped or niave here. Keep an eye out for BT, for they are definetly headed for terrible ... I mean, great ... things.

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