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March 1, 2011

420Shot30 ~ 420Shot30 (aka debut) (EP)

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Style: progressive, hard rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2008
Home: n/a

Members: Mark ~ vocals/guitar
Ian ~ bass/v. vocals
Kyle ~ drums
Jimi ~ guitar/keyboards

Having already toured with Hinder, Trapt & Rev Theory 420Shot30 are making some certifiable inroads towards making a name for themselves on the national music scene. With a non-typical metal sound it's immediately easy to see why. The obvious single of the batch, or if it isn't it should be, "Lift Me Up" opens with a new wage-esque keyboard that is more out of Yanni or Yes than metal only to be joined by a husky & slow croon calling directly to the listener "I wanna lift you up high baby, I wanna take you on a trip to the sun & the moon ... I want to paint the stars in the sky for you" that might be sappy but is equally seductive in a mesmering way. With the guitars tucked in the mix until the last third the song is intense, plodding & incredibly memorable & deserves multiple listens. It's one of the more commericially attractive metal songs I've heard in a long time that does everything you wouldn't expect & comes out in a way that it shouldn't. But, its also quite illusionary as "Magic Woman" opens up with by the book guitar riffing that is a completely reverse of what "Lift Me Up" laid down. But, 420Shot30 know how to create unexpected twists, often lacking in a lot of bands' repertoire, as the song turns to a dark & haunting direction, again keyboard heavy, with the now trademarkable direct & personal lyrics that are reminiscent of some of Marilyn Manson's ballady moments. Though the final song "Nasty Woman" verges on industrial metal, particularly with the heavy chorus effect on the vocals, it carefully walks the line. This is an important trait for 420Shot30 who have set themselves up with a sound that does everything but what you expect to far more thrilling results than bands who give you exactly what you want.

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