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February 13, 2011

Heavy Glow ~ The Filth & The Fury (EP)

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Style: blues-rock
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: San Diego, California

Members: Jared Mullins ~ vocals/guitar
Joe Brooks ~ bass
Dan Kurtz ~ drums

With a chunk of classic Americana rock & blues thrown into the hard rock pot & stirred, Heavy Glow has turned out a incredibly delicious groovy stew ... with groove being a particularly important spicy ingredient. Gov't Mule might be a good reference for some people, albeit HG are less bluesy but just as gritty with the pop sensibilities & wild to calm experimental guitar solos of Hendrix. I sometimes struggle to describe music & could go on saying who HG is like, but eventually such descriptions inherently fail, so instead I just highly recommend checking out their EP. Musicians will find this a particularly tasty brew as a high caliber of ability & talent cut across the five songs with some incredible down & dirty yet at times sky searing guitar solos - though, don't think power metal as this is more Page than Satriani - that include untraditional playing techniques while the rhythm section keeps the pace steaming along. Actually, I'll boldly say that HG has some of the best guitar solos I've heard since the last time I was listening to Richie Blackmore. Albeit, though this is a great EP I do find this particular style of music becoming repetitive where the songs begin to blend into each other ... that's not a detriment to the music but simply of reflection of my tastes & first impressions listening. There's a rather heavy handed template used quite religiously keeping all the songs in the same mold & with the same feel. For an EP the result is a strong little album, but I bring this point up because I wonder how well the music would lend itself to a full-length CD. Further, in this era of music most of us are often doing other things while listening to music. It's a minority of music lovers that stop everything to listen to a CD all the way through to hear all the nuances without doing anything else, including breathing. While, though I don't have one, I see too many people hitting their ipod when they get bored with a song to find the next distraction. It might be more difficult than ever to keep an listener's interest these days. While The Filth & The Fury is a wonderful album for musicians who will find the solos great to dig into, for the casual listener the template might need a little varity the day a full-length CD is birthed. Also of note to the musicians reading the entire album was recorded live over a few hours.

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