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December 4, 2010

Anal Blasphemy ~ Profane Fornication Ejaculation

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Style: Satanic, death metal, black metal, Finnish
Label: Hammer Of Hate
Year: 2010
Home: Finland

Members: Molestor Kadotus ~ all instruments/vocals
Not being the biggest or most appreciative fan of black metal I, at first, found nothing enticing about this Finnish Satanic band as the music is just pure Mayhem/Burzum inspired distorted rhythms over indistinguishable gutteral singing with poor production values. It's an old mold done with just as much grace by their peers Nunslaughter. Not even the overly figurative song titles caught my interest, which usually they do, as they were so blasphemous my stomach was turning, which rarely happens so I have to give Anal Blasphemy some credit. Albeit, I feel compelled to share some of the songs as you won't get a grip on the type of band this is unless I do: "Foul Stench From the Crypt of Jesus", "Goat Of Blasphemous Lust", "Sniffing The Dead Nun's Vagina", "Cucifix Anal Rape Of the Priest", "Hail The Serpent Of Eden", "Warrior Of Satan", "Spit On Their Face", "Ejaculatoin Of Black Impurity", Masterbation Of Jehovah's Altar", "Raped By A Goatdemon" & "Allah Anal Impalement". I've probably never seen such a creative literary combination of Christianity, Satanism & sex, albeit I've never really given much thought to the topic of Satanic sex either. Let alone these are some of the most visual titles I've probablly come across. I don't know if that's good or bad in this case & I'm avoiding the temptation to dream about nun sex with goats to find out. But, pouring over the titles I find them more & more interesting, probably because of the fact of their extreme blasphemy. Further, having wadded through the mud thinly disguised as music for an hour I have to say that I found Anal Blasphemy not as bad as I initially expected. The heavily echoed screaming/gutteral vocals are actually far better than a lot of bands. Though, they could be singing in pig-latin for all I could understand from anything but a few words. But, & this is the reason I'm reviewing the band, if the devil had a soundtrack to his name this is undoubtedly it. I had a minister friend say recently that she thought Soundgarden was a musical version of Armegeddon. Well, this the musical version of Hell itself, largely thanks to the vocals which rotate through gutteral singing to more dramatic shouting (i.e. "Sniffing A Dead Nun's Vagina") that is truly creepy & surprisingly addictive to listen to. It's so dark, doomy & pornographic that I wonder what Molester Kadotus is really like? Is this an elaborate act a la Alice Cooper, doing something like this because free speech allows such, or is this something in the Count Grishnackh of Burzum vein where Kadotus is pouring his heart out no different than when Bon Jovi writes a love song? It's that mystery that makes this an enjoyable listening, plus the fact that I challenge someone to find music as creepy & dark sounding as this is. This album is actually a combination of seven track album Profane Fornication Ejaculation & the seven track tape Ejaculation Of Black Impurity included as bonus tracks. But, it's hard to distinguish much of a difference though Profane Fornication Ejaculation has slightly more complex songs though the bonus tracks do include the highlight "Warrior Of Satan" & "Allah Anal Impalement", with an ending right out of a Middle Ages torture chamber, to which I give Kadotus a lot of credit for having the courage to write in this age of Muslim terrorism.

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