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November 29, 2010

The Plague Dogz ~ The Plague Dogz (aka debut) (EP)

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Style: punk, progressive, instrumental, experimental
Label: Traxity Records
Year: 2010
Home: Ohio

Members: Nasty (aka John Paul Jones) ~ bass/synthesizer
Ro ~ guitar
Dre ~ drums

TPD, about a year old, have already decided to get out of the rehearsal studio somewhat prematurely & share their creativity, even though they declare loudly that they're an instrumental trio in search of a singer. Personally, I would recommend them to keep developing the directions they can take their sound & not worry about a singer, or bring in a friend to guest on a track or two for variety & creativity's sake. I'll apologize now for saying that to any budding lyricist in the group. As a musician myself that was in a couple bands that could never get it together because of the lack of finding a suitable metal singer, including my own sad efforts to sing just to keep rehearsals moving ... finding the right vocalist is the most difficult thing to do & can make or break the band. Many times I've heard great bands that I couldn't listen to after awhile because of a horrible vocalist, while other bands are given a personality because of the vocalist. & then there's a few bands doing some interesting instrumental stuff & should stick to that & not worry about not sounding like every other band on the block. Too many bands try their hand at instrumentals & embaressingly fail, with the songs becoming highly repetitive & boring & not in a hypnotically interesting way. TPD have crafted some short but interesting atmospheric progressive tunes with a dark edge bringing together drums, keyboards & guitar in something that's not too layered & full of lots of variety. Instrumental punk-influenced prog rock ... the attitude of the Clash with the organic space prog side of Kraftwerk with some guitar playing reminiscent of Joy Division. Many instrumental bands suffer from the songs sounding alike & blending into each other. Of the six songs available on their myspace there's little overlap with some of the songs being more electronic while others are guitar driven. Not just would I recommend the band to keep away from a vocalist, or at the least someone a la Beastie Boys or Beck that doesn't dominate or cloud over the arrangements but understands the idea of ensemble, but I'd also tell them to push beyond the three minute mark & turn these bits into mini electronic jams because I want to hear more. TPD are off to a good start & I can only wish for them to keep going, having fun & if they ever do find a vocalist I look forward to being privy to what it sounds like.

(no music video available)

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