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November 9, 2010

Odd Zero ~ Another Odd Zero To Dread

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Style: punk, hard rock, heavy metal
Label: Odd Zero Records
Year: 2010
Home: New York City

Members: Mike Friedman ~ vocals
Tay Malloy ~ bass
Milton Hernandez ~ drums
Mike Fuji ~ guitars

The name says it all is a review that's probably been made before for Odd Zero, but on some level it rings true for this vibrant New York quartet that succesfully brings together lyrical punk sensabilities with melodic metal riffing guitar once again on this third release. Odd Zero is, for what I've heard, one of the more successful fusions of these two genres which are more distinct entities than one might at first believe. Most bands tend to fall too far to the punk end believing that distorted guitars make them metal. Thank you Limp Bizkit. Odd Zero went up against ... the odds ... and have finally put the equation right for those of us less inclined to appreciate the musical merits of homeboys and know that riffing isn't just about speed but also style. The incredibly strong opener "Robbed Barren" is a highlight of this fusion in an enjoyable piece that goes from punk lyrics to great counter-rhytmic riffing breaks that are pure metal. It's even better that the punk feeling is in the feel of the music and singer Mike Friedman has thankfully realized you can be punk without screaming into indecipherable oblivion. And, that's probably one of the first things things that makes this band sound different - the vocals. It's not multi-range opera or tonally anything out there like Jizzy Pearl or Ozzy, but just straight ahead singing churning out some great poetry that you really want to pay attention to, unlike some bands that continue the stereotype that rock is full of boring cliched rhymes. There's nothing cliche with Odd Zero, let alone boring.

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