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September 24, 2010

Deliverance ~ Weapons Of Our Warfare

Style: Christian metal, thrash, speed metal, metal
Label: Intense Records
Year: 1990
Home: Los Angeles

Members: Jimmy P. Brown II ~ vocals/guitars
George Ochoa ~ guitars
Brian Khairullah ~ bass
Chris Hyde ~ drums

Another Christian metal band that has an uncanny knack for imitation. There seems to be a lot of them. This one is Kill 'Em All era Metallica, but with very un-Metallica Christian lyrics. Maybe this is the lost recordings with original guitarist Dave Mustaine? If I told you it was I'm sure your ears would agree. This is the latest in a handful of Christian metal bands I've come across that uncannily sound like a famous band, though this is the first one that sounds like Metallica as Iron Maiden seems to be the template of choice. I love Christian music, spawned from spending a couple years in the church, but I get the feeling as if these Christian bands, knowing they are on the fringe of metal, are aiming for imitation to get as many listeners as possible. They aren't aiming for experimentation or even individuality, but just sounding like everyone else. It's rather depressing & I once talked to a Christian minister who agreed. The reason I turn to Christian metal is because it offers something, or should offer something, inherently different, considering I don't particularly pay attention to the lyrics not being a Christian anymore. Though I don't like to find out about a band until after the I do these reviews I googled Deliverance as I'm so unfamiliar with modern Christian metal bands I can't help but want to know more about their careers, no matter who they sound like. Actually, the imitation drives me to want to know about their musical inspiration more. Wikipedia said "Weapons Of Our Warefare is still mentioned with hushed reverence among Christian metalheads as one of the elite speed metal albums of all time." No denying that this is a strong album on that account & with songs like "Slay The Wicked", "Greetings Of Death," "Flesh & Blood" &"This Present Darkness" & lyrics to go with them it has all the makings of a great metal album ... considering Metallica's James Hetfield grew up in a religious house & Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P.'s Blackie Lawless &Megadeth's Dave Mustaine are Christians the Christian message isn't that foreign to metal. As I said, the band is tight enough to pass this off as early Metallica. Further, I discovered: "In 1999, Lars Ulrich of Metallica hosted a show in which he named Deliverance's Weapons Of Our Warefare as one of his top ten favorite metal videos of all time." So, now you see one reason why I put a review up. Putting Metallica & Christian metal in the same sentence isn't something one tends to do. Deliverance might be fans of Metallica & aim to sound like them, while just writing lyrics about what was important to them instead of more cliched lyrics on sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. There's inherently no harm in that cause that's what all bands do. & it does have some great cover art.

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