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August 10, 2010

Bolt Thrower ~ ...For Victory

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Style: black metal, death metal, british
Label: Earache Records
Year: 1994
Home: Britain

Members: Karl Willetts - Vocals
Gavin Ward - Guitars
Barry Thompson - Guitars
Andrew Whale - drums
Jo Bench - Bass guitar

This is my favorite BT album, actually, it's the only one I like. But, anyone who reads this blog knows I'm not that much of a fan of death metal ... so when I say I like an album it's probably the top of the heap. Though, this release is not that different from their other albums, which I've also listened to. The differences are subtle. Maybe the biggest discernable difference is that I actually could discern some of the lyrics. Unlike many black metal bands of the same vein the guitars don't riff at lightning speed in an attempt to create a tornado out of pure sound itself. The music has a little space in it, a variable often ignored by bands of this style. Also, what I found particularly interesting about ...For Victory is its thematic nature, as the title suggest. Not looking at a lyric sheet I can say if it's a concept album. If you haven't figured out the theme, here's the song titles in order: "War", "Remembrance", "When Glory Beckons", "...For Victory", "Graven Image", "Lest We Forget", "Silent Demise", "Forever Fallen", "Tank (Mk.I)" and "Armageddon Bound." Yes, it's like reading the contents page of a miliary novel or World War history. This heavily thematic nature gives the songs an underlying thread of unity not found on an album were one song is about growing up and another about watching TV. Though, before you get depressed, there's also ideas of hope running through this, which you get because the lyrics come through. Remember, war is not about the fighting but about the outcome. "When we understand it'll be too late" is sung in "Remembrance" while "No hope, there is nothing more, nothing more to prove" comes out of "Armageddon Bound." This is many ways an album of prophecy for a nuclear age. A prophetic warning? They're taking the death metal banner seriously! Highlights include a great smoky opening in "Lest We Forget". "When Glory Beckons" is a particular highlight with the title track "...For Victory" having such a menacing feel I can picture it as the soundtrack to a shooter video game. Ironically, the Bolt Thrower name comes from a tabletop battle strategy game. Oh, and they have a chick that plays bass guitar for those that are kinky and into such things. I try to look at the album as music not as a floorshow.

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