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June 9, 2010

Nunslaughter ~ Fuck The God In Heaven (EP)

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Style: death metal
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year: 2006
Home: Ohio

Members: Blood ~ guitar
Chris 213 ~ bass
Don Of The Dead ~ vocals
Jim Sadist ~ drums

Little studio tweaks, including some echo on the voice, the sound of ocean waves opening up the 2nd track 'From The Sea' & stereo mixing of the guitars, mark the differences & higher productions values of this EP from other Nunslaughter releases. It's a shame that so many Nunslaughter releases are dripping in the blood of poor production because just a little touch of professionalism makes a big difference even for the most straight ahead predictable band as Nunslaughter is. The studio has become an instrument within itself here, as compared to being ignored & though the Nunslaughter blasphemic onslaught never musically varies, with a song rarely lasting over 2 minutes, the little tweaks on this album make it almost a new band. If you're not familiar with the Nunslaughter legacy, which I'll confess to being a fan of however atrocious, this is a wonderful introductory release with some great songs showing the band at a creative peak both musically & lyrically. Check it out & as Don Of The Dead sings: "let's drink some blood".

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