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May 17, 2010

Sombre Presage ~ Tribute To Burzum (EP)

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Style: experimental, black metal, tribute, instrumental, drone, French
Label: Occultum Productions
Year: 2006
Home: France

Members: Voxum ~ all instruments

Burzum is poor production, guitars thrashing, literally screaming vocals that are more like death cries from a Saw movie & probably what your grandmother calls noise. Sombre Presage is keyboard arpeggios & melodies, guitars that stay on the same note or chord for whole bars then take another to change while making a wall of feedback behind the melodic keyboards, creepy vocals that are heavily chorus laden & a pace as slow as Leonard Cohen & only a hint of drums. But, SP, which is actually just one man named Voxum, gets to the heart of Burzum in a way that one wouldn't expect. Also, you may not even realize Burzum has a heart until you hear it against this album then go & listen to the originals. This might be similiar to a classical orchestra or string trio covering rock songs, but this is much more than doing interesting covers with different instrumentation. SP are actually digging into the songs reinterpreting them, proof being new titles for the tracks & showing us the inspiration can be for a band that isn't isn't speed obsessed. You'll never be able to hear Burzum the same again after this. A haunting album featuring "Dunkelheit," the instrumental "Naar Himmelen Klarner" & "Illa Tioandi" which features the sound of rain & thunder. The only thing that could be better is if he'd used a real acoustic piano because you just can't imitate that sound on an electric keyboard with the same authenticity.

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